Mortgage Surveys For Albuquerque, NM


A mortgage survey is a vital part of the process when closing on your new home or property. Your home is the most important structure that you have in your life, as it provides a place for you to build a home with your loved ones and family. Your home is also the place that you can always return to as a safe haven. One of the things that stands between this envision you have for your family and where you are now is the mortgage survey. Because most lenders require it, it is something that will have to be completed by a licensed land surveyor. 

What Is A Mortgage Survey

A mortgage survey is a special type of survey that is often obtained when purchasing a new piece of property. The survey lays out the location and boundary of the property, as well as the structures that are present on the property at the time the property is sold. If you need to obtain a mortgage survey for the property that you are purchasing, give us a call, and one of our local land surveyors can help you with all the needed details to get your mortgage survey off to a quick and efficient start.

Do I Need To Get A Mortgage Survey For My Albuquerque Property?

If you are financing a property in the Albuquerque area through a lending institution or mortgage company, more than likely they are going to request that a mortgage survey be completed on the property. The lending company wants to have all of the exact details about the property and have a record on file as to the property and all its features that justifies them lending money to the new property owner. Often times the realtor and title company in the transaction will coordinate the mortgage survey being completed. However, if it is up to you, then be sure to have it completed by a licensed land surveyor like the ones here at our land survey company.

Mortgage Survey Cost In Albuquerque

If you do a quick internet search of “mortgage survey cost”, you will likely get a range of values that the amount could fall into. A mortgage survey on a smaller piece of property that takes little time to complete may be a little bit less expensive than that of a larger property. In either case, you may not want to go with a cheap land surveyor when you need to obtain a mortgage survey, as purchasing a house is a big financial decision, and you would hate to have anything come back to haunt you later down the road. It is important for the lending company and title company to receive a very accurate and thorough mortgage survey so you can glide through the closing process swiftly and quickly with no hiccups. Give us a call to discuss your project today and see how we can help you obtain a mortgage survey quickly and efficiently and ensure you can close on your new property quickly.